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This is a list of stuff New Students need to know, do or setup... or if you just forgot...

Absent and Attendance

Do BOTH of these steps:
  1. If  you are going to be absent, makes sure you have a responsible parent or guardian call in and explain the reason you are absent -  408-723-4260  If you do not do this, you will be marked absent and have an UNEXCUSED ABSENTS
  2. You also will need to tell me.  Just like you would text or email your boss, you have to tell me.  I don't really care what the reason is... but you need to communicate with me, to show me you are professional.
    • If you are sending me Email please use
    • If you are txt'ing me (no voice) use 1 (408) 785-6649
    • If you are leaving a voice mail call 1 (408) 723-6477
What Else?

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